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Changing order of activities
Activity order is configured using the Harmony Control app from Logitech Inc.

Changing order of devices
Starting with version 2.0 of Remote Control for Harmony Hub, you can customize device order by selecting and dragging devices names.

Creating a button sequence
Button sequences can be created in 2 ways in for Logitech remotes. The first method involves configuring a macro on the physical remote. The second method involves configuring a button sequence and syncing it to the Harmony Hub. Remote Control for Harmony Hub supports buttons sequences configured on the Harmony Hub. To create a button sequence follow the instructions at the following link:

Can’t Connect to Harmony Hub
Please verify your Harmony Hub Firmware is up to date. Here’s an article describing how to update it:

Taking a screenshot to send support
Instructions for taking a screenshot can be found at the following link:

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